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2017 Bay Area Rifle Championship

by Max Leograndison 05/13/2017
Here is video footage of the stages from when I took first place overall at the 2017 Bay Area Rifle Championship held on 4/29-30/17. I was in tactical division. My 3-Gun rifle weighs in at a super light 6.0 lbs including the 9.5 oz Leupold LCO. It...

2017 USPSA Optic Nationals: PCC Division Champion

by Max Leograndison 03/28/2017
Congrats to Max Leograndis in becoming the 2017 USPSA PCC National Champion! We’ve had the privilege of having Max as one of our writers. Not only does he possess natural talent but, as evident in many of his videos, the drive to see it thro...

First Impressions: Faxon Firearms – 9mm (PCC) Bolt Carrier Group

by Max Leograndison 03/14/2017
Faxon Firearms is steadily entering the PCC game and looking to bring with them their reputation for making excellent quality products at very affordable prices. Their newest offering for the PCC is a 9mm bolt with some nice features that separate...

Pistol Caliber Carbine: (NERD) NC NANO 9mm Brake (pt 1)

by Max Leograndison 01/04/2017
Pistol Caliber Carbines have seen a huge spike in popularity over the past year and it’s no secret why. The ability to train on a rifle platform that runs cheap 9mm ammo is a huge benefit to many shooters. Ranges that don’t allow high powered weap...


by Max Leograndison 12/16/2016
With so many aftermarket trigger options available for the AR-15 platform, it’s difficult for any particular one to stand out. That being said, shooting the Hiperfire 24 3G for the first time will definitely leave a lasting impression. Through a b...