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Project: AK47 (pt 3)

by Mike Kojimaon 01/09/2017
If you have been following our series on making an AK47 a good gun for a person that hates the AK47 and have read part one and part 2,you have hopefully been eagerly awaiting our final chapter in the AK47 Saga – part 3! In our first two chap...

Modifying the Fighting Remington 870 Shotgun (Part 2)

by Mike Kojimaon 12/23/2016
Poor Kerryann, her 5’8″ 120-pound frame was getting battered by our “Fighting” Remington 870 project. She suffered from a bruised and battered shoulder after about 50 rounds of 00 buck and slugs in part one of our series. L...

The H&K Turmoil OTF Knife

by Mike Kojimaon 12/21/2016
Most of us have wanted a Stiletto or more properly called an OTF knife for “Out The Front”, since we were little kids. The instantly deploying badassness that a lot of the bad guys in the movies had is just too cool. There is something...

Wreck-A-Classic (pt 4)

by Mike Kojimaon 12/06/2016
If you have been following this story, we had a mint Delta HBAR Colt AR15 that had been sitting in storage as a collector’s piece for years. In 1994, it had been registered as a California Assualt Rifle and was set aside and forgotten about....

Kershaw Launch 6 Automatic Knife

by Mike Kojimaon 11/21/2016
The automatic knife aka the switchblade got a bad rap much like assault rifles. Fear and a propaganda led to its ban in the mid 50’s. Like assault rifle bans, these laws are pretty ridiculous and have nothing to do with how dangerous these s...