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The Adjutant Knife by Minuteman

by Isaac Sandovalon 01/13/2017
The Minuteman Company, known for making watches, recently sent us their new Adjutant fixed blade which is being made in collaboration with Gingrich Tactical Innovations. In typical knife nut fashion, we like all things sharp and pointy so we were ...


by Isaac Sandovalon 01/02/2017
TiQ: Who is DMR LLC and what do you do? DMR LLC: DMR stands for Dane Miller Rifles. I am the principal and namesake of the company. We build custom long range hunting and competition rifles. TiQ: What is the history of the company and what are you...

Tech: Manticore Arms Tavor Upgrades (DiY)

by Isaac Sandovalon 12/20/2016
Our IWI Tavor Project has been patiently waiting for some attention as other projects have taken priority. We are going to be installing the Manticore Arms Overwatch Rail system as well as their ARClight XTL forend. The Overwatch rail system is de...

Teaser: Lantac CMC Trigger

by Isaac Sandovalon 12/11/2016
We needed a new trigger upgrade over the Mil-Spec unit for an upcoming build. After careful consideration, we felt it was time for the Lantac ETC-1 drop-in trigger made by CMC. There are two versions available and we decided upon the flat face des...

Indian Creek Design BFD

by Isaac Sandovalon 12/09/2016
The good folks at Indian Creek Design were kind enough to send us over their new Blast Forwarding Device (BFD) for testing. The BFD is a universal blast shield that works with just about any 1/2″ or 5/8″ muzzle device you can think of ...