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Timney Calvin Elite Two Stage The little trigger that could (help me be a better shooter) – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 12/27/2016
Introduction: I was rather fortunate with the help of TRGRiQ and Chris from Timney to use the newest offering of triggers for my Ruger Precision Rifle. I was so impressed with the trigger, I just had to try out Timney’s two-stage Calvin Elite in m...

An Exploration To Find My Ideal Chronograph – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 12/22/2016
Previously published by Sin City Precision‘s Facebook page on 8/30/16. Some of you folks who have sat down with me while enjoying a nice adult beverage may have already realized that not only do I like shooting these precision rifles, but I ...

Does a MagnetoSpeed Significantly Affect the Precision of a Rifle? – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 11/22/2016
As previously published by Sin City Precision on 8/14/16. As I have mentioned before I enjoy shooting the breeze about shooting especially while enjoying a few adult beverages. One reason why I enjoy talking about these things is that I really enj...

Ruger Precision Rifle: Timney Trigger Install – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 11/01/2016
Greg from Sin City Precision follows up his review of the Timney 2-Stage Trigger for the Ruger Precision Rifle with this installation video. Source: Timmy Triggers Ruger Sin City Precision Please follow and like us:

TRGRnometry: Timney’s Two-Stage Trigger for the Ruger Precision Rifle – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 10/24/2016
Long before the Ruger PR entered the scene my precision rifle of choice was a Remington 700 with, at the core, a good stock, a proven trigger, and some solid glass. Even though my R700 was a good precision rifle when the RPR came out I was underst...