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PC: Joe Comfort

TiQ: Who is DMR LLC and what do you do?

DMR LLC: DMR stands for Dane Miller Rifles. I am the principal and namesake of the company. We build custom long range hunting and competition rifles.

PC: Joe Comfort

TiQ: What is the history of the company and what are your strengths?

DMR LLC: DMR’s history is tied in with Sin City Precision to a degree. Four of us had founded the club and were very active in shooting different practical rifle competitions. We quickly got to the point where we needed our rifles re-barreled. The average turnaround was about 4-6 months and with some builders it was longer! That planted the seed and shortly after another Sin City Precision founder and myself purchased our first lathe. Even though at the time we didn’t realize it, those were the beginnings of what is now DMR LLC.

Many of our strengths as rifle builders stem from our time spent shooting, hunting, competing and hosting matches. The DMR team has almost 30 years of combined experience. This experience has given us the ability to select products and offer recommendations that help our clients make informed decisions. We have also spent time on both sides of the fence and work to avoid putting our clients through frustrations we have experienced in this industry as customers. This prospective ensures we will always be motivated to offer the best customer service we can.

PC: Joe Comfort

TiQ: Do you build gas guns?

DMR LLC: We currently do not build semi-auto rifles. We do tinker with accurizing our personal SPR’s and hope to have our own offering in the future.

PC: Joe Comfort

TiQ: What is the difference between an “off the shelf” bolt action and a DMR LLC custom build?

DMR LLC: When purchasing a factory “off the self” rifle, performance can be hit or miss depending on the manufacturer. Some do a better job than others at producing a consistent product. Regardless, you are still at the mercy of the manufacturer. A DMR rifle is going to allow the client to start from the ground up and build exactly what they want. They can decide on many different options and a huge selection of aftermarket products.

DMR rifles are built using Bartlein match grade barrels or other top tier manufacturers and set up in the lathe with minimal run out before any processes are performed. We also true Remington 700 receivers ensuring all surfaces are straight. The level of attention to detail during our build process far exceeds what is done at a factory. This straight forward approach (no pun intended) and utilizing the best components is a proven recipe for producing highly accurate rifles. In the end, what truly sets apart purchasing a DMR custom rifle versus a factory rifle is the overall experience and having someone who can answer your questions along the way.

PC: Joe Comfort

TiQ: Where is DMR LLC heading in the future?

DMR LLC: DMR LLC will continue to grow and offer high quality products and services to our customers. We work hard to communicate with our clients and maintain efficient turnaround without any compromise to the quality of the work performed. We will soon launch a website where people can learn more about what we have to offer. We plan to stay one step ahead of our growth and keep components available for our clients.

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