Path of the Brave: Competitive Pistol – Stance and Grip (pt.1 & pt.2)

by Walter Michalowskion 06/25/2017
Kru Walter covers the basics of a shooting stance and grip for competitive pistol. Continued on page 2. Please follow and like us:

2017 Bay Area Rifle Championship

by Max Leograndison 05/13/2017
Here is video footage of the stages from when I took first place overall at the 2017 Bay Area Rifle Championship held on 4/29-30/17. I was in tactical division. My 3-Gun rifle weighs in at a super light 6.0 lbs including the 9.5 oz Leupold LCO. It...

Sin City Precision Rifle Match w/ Target Cam & AAR – Real Shooter

by Justin Colletton 04/13/2017
I followed my friend Jeremy through the April 2017 Sin City Precision match in Las Vegas, NV. This video includes stage diagrams/ descriptions, a camera on the targets and an AAR from Jeremy about lessons learned on each stage and for the match as...

2017 USPSA Optic Nationals: PCC Division Champion

by Max Leograndison 03/28/2017
Congrats to Max Leograndis in becoming the 2017 USPSA PCC National Champion! We’ve had the privilege of having Max as one of our writers. Not only does he possess natural talent but, as evident in many of his videos, the drive to see it thro...

NRA AR Match (2.0)

by Mike Nguyenon 03/26/2017
It’s amazing how time flies. The last time that we attended the NRA America’s Rifle Match (ARM) was over a year ago and it was the inaugural event hosted by Forward Assist Training at Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azusa, CA. Since our last visit, ...