GeoBallistics: BallisticARC + WeatherFlow – Sin City Precision

by Joe Comforton 03/31/2017
Previously published by Sin City Precision. When I got started in shooting long range your D.O.P.E. book was your bible. We meticulously recorded as much information as we could. We used the information to try and figure out what our bullet was go...

Does a MagnetoSpeed Significantly Affect the Precision of a Rifle? – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 11/22/2016
As previously published by Sin City Precision on 8/14/16. As I have mentioned before I enjoy shooting the breeze about shooting especially while enjoying a few adult beverages. One reason why I enjoy talking about these things is that I really enj...

Tested: Hellwig Suspension Products Bulletproof Brackets – Kahn Media

by Jon Barretton 11/09/2016
Hellwig Suspension Products has always said that its “Big Wig” air bag brackets were the strongest available and went so far as to label them “bulletproof.” With the help of Kahn Media, Hellwig put this claim to the test an...