Aero Precision: M5E1 – The easy AR10

by Isaac Sandovalon 03/17/2017
We decided a few months ago that we wanted to build a very solid AR10 DMR rifle that would be both light on the wallet and problem free. When you have a build with requirements like that, specifically an AR10, your options are limited. One company...

Blanca builds her custom AR15

Project: Blanca – Building a Custom AR15 w/ Strike Industries, Primary Arms and KE Arms! (pt 1)

by Mike Kojimaon 02/12/2017
Blanca is a friend of ours who occasionally joins us at the range. Being a starving college student, she doesn’t have her own gun but always has lots of fun shooting the plethora of firearms that we bring for testing. Blanca wants an AR15 fo...

Project: Building A Budget Bolt Gun – Magpul Hunter 700 SA Stock (Stage 1)

by John Chillinoon 02/07/2017
Meet Mike. When Mike’s not enjoying long walks on his coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii, he’s supplying auto mechanic shops across the nation with OEM parts. In his spare time, he photographs cars for a JDM manufacturer. Occasionally, Mike will join us ...

Project: AK47 (pt 3)

by Mike Kojimaon 01/09/2017
If you have been following our series on making an AK47 a good gun for a person that hates the AK47 and have read part one and part 2,you have hopefully been eagerly awaiting our final chapter in the AK47 Saga – part 3! In our first two chap...

Modifying the Fighting Remington 870 Shotgun (Part 2)

by Mike Kojimaon 12/23/2016
Poor Kerryann, her 5’8″ 120-pound frame was getting battered by our “Fighting” Remington 870 project. She suffered from a bruised and battered shoulder after about 50 rounds of 00 buck and slugs in part one of our series. L...