Independence Training: Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (pt. 5) – Moving & Shooting

by Glen Stilsonon 03/01/2017
Body Armor Basics (Part 5) Shooting & Moving with Independence Training​. Like & Share to help spread the word! The final video in our body armor basics series showing a variation of how to practice moving and shooting with body armor. We ...

Worlds Collide: Speed or Accuracy w/ Rob Leatham and Glen Stilson – Independence Training

by Glen Stilsonon 09/19/2016
It doesn’t matter what platform, caliber, model or brand you’re using – the same question is in the mind of many shooters: “What’s more important – speed OR accuracy?” Rob Leatham (Team Springfield) and Gl...

WOTG: Frank Proctor Lessons – SuperSetCA

by SuperSetCAon 05/16/2016
Shooting lessons from Combat/Practical Pistol and Carbine Training with USPSA Grandmaster and US Army Special Forces Veteran Frank Proctor. Lessons: Pistol Positions, Pistol Reloads, Low Light Setup, Rifle Stance/Grip, Rifle Transitions, Rifle Bra...