Press Release: NRL Announces Support Extending Regional & Club Level Precision Rifle Matches

by Travis Ishidaon 02/24/2017
National Rifle League announces its support extending to Regional and Club Level Precision Rifle matches. The NRL is rolling out its Club Benefits Program welcoming continued participation at club level Precision Rifle matches. February 24, 2017 –...

Press Release: NRL Announces 2017 JC Steel Target Challenge

by Travis Ishidaon 02/01/2017
The 4th Annual JC Steel Target Challenge will be the 3rd match of the 2017 NRL Precision Rifle Shooting Competition Season! February 1, 2017 – Santa Ana, CA – The National Rifle League, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and e...

Press Release: NRL Announces Open Registration – Idaho Shamrock Shootout

by Travis Ishidaon 01/14/2017
NRL ANNOUNCES REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR FIRST LONG RANGE SHOOTING MATCH OF THE SEASON The Precision Rifle Shooters of Idaho will host the Idaho Shamrock Shootout as the first match of the 2017 NRL Season! January 12, 2017 – Santa Ana, CA – The Nati...

Press Release: CONX Media Announces 2017 Media Agreement w/ The NRL

by Travis Ishidaon 01/10/2017
CONX Media announces an agreement with the National Rifle League to provide all media coverage for the 2017 Season. CONX Media a subsidiary of CONTINGENCY X, has announced 1/9/17 its plans to provide all media coverage for the 2017 National Rifle ...


by Isaac Sandovalon 01/02/2017
TiQ: Who is DMR LLC and what do you do? DMR LLC: DMR stands for Dane Miller Rifles. I am the principal and namesake of the company. We build custom long range hunting and competition rifles. TiQ: What is the history of the company and what are you...