Competition Dynamics: 2016 Steel Safari (Long Range Rifle Match) – Contingency X

by on 09/14/2016
PC: CONX Media

PC: CONX Media

The 2016 Steel Safari presented by Competition Dynamics took place earlier this year on the privately owned Blue Steel Ranch in Logan, New Mexico. Regarded as the original ‘Hike and Shoot’ match, the Steel Safari represents one of the best true field/practical long-range rifle matches!

Competitors were tested with over 3 miles of hiking per day through rough desert terrain, engagement with long-range steel rifle targets with only one shot each, wind doping, and expertise of non-standard shooting positions. The Steel Safari requires an exceptional level of commitment to the science and art of practical rifle shooting.

Competition Dynamics runs world-class, cutting-edge competitive practical shooting events with an unmatched level of professionalism and operational excellence. Our staff runs more competitors through practical field shooting events with more stages than other. We bring new practical and field competition concepts to reality. Our staff has a proven track record of running challenging, safe, and fair 3-Gun, multi-gun, and long-range matches. We have been involved in administering many of the most influential field matches of the last decade and have redefined what field challenges can be applied to a competition format. We have the expertise and experience to run world-class practical shooting events. As an organization our staff and consultants have extensive experience in practical field shooting in military, law enforcement, and civil applications.

Practical and field style shooting encompasses virtually all aspects of the real application of firearms. Rifles and shooters are tested to their ballistic and physical limits using natural terrain and typical man-made structures to define the shooting problems. This type of wide-open challenge appeals to shooters who want to push the limits of what is possible, in both technique and equipment.

Match Results

PC: CONX Media

PC: CONX Media

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