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by on 08/15/2016

“AR500 Armor Emergency Personal Injury Kits (EPIKs) are medical kits with the dedicated purpose of combating life threatening bleeding injuries. Specifically designed to stop bleeding fast from a gunshot, knife, or other life threatening bleeding wound, AR500 Armor EPIKs feature a combination of necessary hemostatic agent, gauze, bandage, chest seals, and a tourniquet to stop severe bleeding wounds in any situation. Our EPIKs are an ideal addition to your plate carrier & body armor package or existing medical kit.”

When the situation is suddenly “for real” every edge, every shortcut REALLY can mean the difference between life and death… practicing what Glen demonstrates herein should be done from every position, prone, standing, running, whatever you might think you would be doing to get to someone who has been wounded… this is every bit as important as knowing what to do with the contents of your Med Kit once you are there to render aid.

AR500 Armor Pocket EPIKs are for the minimalist that understands the necessity of being prepared at all times. Small enough to fit into your Cargo Pocket, Side Plate Armor Pouch, or Trauma Plate Pocket – Compact, lightweight, and extremely capable. MSRP ranges from $29 to $79.

AR500 Armor
Independence Training

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