NRA: America’s Rifle Match

by on 02/29/2016

Photo Cred: Mike Nguyen

This past Saturday kicked off SoCal’s first official NRA AR Match (ARM). Held at the Burro Canyon Shooting Park, just outside the greater Los Angeles, and was hosted by Forward Assist Training.

The goal is to create “a marksmanship program designed to develop and test defensive rifle skills with modern, general purpose rifles, such as the AR-15.”

The event is for youngsters and adults of all skill levels.

There are three categories:

Photo Cred: Mike Nguyen

Iron Sights – A rifle in this category has only iron sights used for aiming. Fixed, removable or flip-up models are permitted.

Photo Cred: Mike Nguyen

Iron Limited – A rifle in this category may have one non-magnified optic sight. Iron sights may also be used with the non-magnified optic.

Photo Cred: Mike Nguyen

Optics Open – A rifle in this category has a maximum of two optical sights; a magnified optic and non–magnified optic. Examples would be a magnified scope paired with a non-magnified red dot or iron sights. NOTE: A rifle with a magnified red dot, where the magnifier can be “flipped” to the side or removed, DOES meet the maximum requirements of two optics.

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