Shockwave in the Desert III – The P3W Awakens

by on 11/02/2016

Having only moved to Arizona one week before Shockwave in the Desert, there was really no better way to enjoy the 2nd Amendment freedoms that you cannot experience back in my homeland of “Communist California.”

Seeing posts daily on social media and print magazines of virtually everything you can imagine under the sun in the flesh was surely an amazing way to pop my welcome bubble!

This is the third time Shockwave that has been put on by the fine folks over at We Plead the 2nd, a company that specializes in custom made holsters and Cerakote.

The event was held at the CowTown gun range located just about an hour north of Phoenix. It’s an amazing venue with plenty of different bays setup along the way.

Including an elevated long-range platform able to reach out to over 1000 yards.

Of course it was not only a place for people to bring out their own gear,

But a way for a number of awesome vendors to showcase their products…

To get the public more familiar with their brand.

I think I’ve seen just about everything.

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