Microtech Stitch Auto

by Isaac Sandovalon 02/20/2017
This week we are going to reflect on our time spent with the Microtech Stitch Auto. We were able to spend a couple of weeks with this blade and during that time we definitely developed a strong affinity for folding auto pocket knives and we have t...

TRGRsnob: The TriggerTech R700 Special, A Shooter’s Prespective – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 02/10/2017
“Come to the Dark Side… We don’t have friction” Introduction I have been quite fortunate as of late to be given the chance to try out various triggers available to the precision rifle community. This company obviously has some confidence in their ...

Zero Tolerance 0566 Hinderer

by Mike Kojimaon 02/06/2017
We are big fans of Zero Tolerance Knives. The ZT company has made a big splash in the industry with custom features, quality, and materials with a production knife price. Our pockets have been carrying Zero Tolerance products since the brand launc...

The Hogue EX-02 Tanto Tactical Folding Knife

by Mike Kojimaon 02/01/2017
As a knife reviewer, I am typically not a fan of the tactical folder. I tend to view knives as tools and I like blades that work well for what I do for a living which is poking around race cars. I usually don’t go for large macho blades with...

Sound Off: A Hearing Protection Comparison

by Mike Nguyenon 01/24/2017
As far as we know, hearing loss is not yet reversible or repairable. Unfortunately, most people do not realize how important hearing protection is until it is too late. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular sets of ear protecti...