The Adjutant Knife by Minuteman

by Isaac Sandovalon 01/13/2017
The Minuteman Company, known for making watches, recently sent us their new Adjutant fixed blade which is being made in collaboration with Gingrich Tactical Innovations. In typical knife nut fashion, we like all things sharp and pointy so we were ...

Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition – Sin City Precision

by Joe Comforton 01/11/2017
As previously published by Sin City Precision on 5/16/15. Hand loading is synonymous with long range precision rifle shooting. We have all heard “consistency is accuracy,” which is a continuous theme in our sport and printed on every box of ...

Timney Calvin Elite Two Stage The little trigger that could (help me be a better shooter) – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 12/27/2016
Introduction: I was rather fortunate with the help of TRGRiQ and Chris from Timney to use the newest offering of triggers for my Ruger Precision Rifle. I was so impressed with the trigger, I just had to try out Timney’s two-stage Calvin Elite in m...

An Exploration To Find My Ideal Chronograph – Sin City Precision

by Greg Pieton 12/22/2016
Previously published by Sin City Precision‘s Facebook page on 8/30/16. Some of you folks who have sat down with me while enjoying a nice adult beverage may have already realized that not only do I like shooting these precision rifles, but I ...

The H&K Turmoil OTF Knife

by Mike Kojimaon 12/21/2016
Most of us have wanted a Stiletto or more properly called an OTF knife for “Out The Front”, since we were little kids. The instantly deploying badassness that a lot of the bad guys in the movies had is just too cool. There is something...