Fight Soap

by Joe Comforton 05/23/2017
Originally published by Sin City Precision. I would have never guessed I’d write a review about soap. I work for a dermatology office here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am the office laboratory tech but I do learn a lot about different products fr...

Way Of The Gun (WOTG): Proctor Light Mount (PLM)

by Mike Nguyenon 05/15/2017
Defensive weapons have gone through quite a transformation over the past few years. AR15’s in particular, and accessories have become lighter, stronger and more versatile. With that being said, Frank Proctor and Way Of The Gun (WOTG) develop...

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack – Sin City Precision

by Joe Comforton 04/30/2017
Previously published by Sin City Precision. While shooting during practice sessions and rifle matches it’s nice to have your kit organized and easily accessible. This is especially helpful if you will be moving from stage to stage. I’m not a big g...

Mirage ULR SRZ Chassis

by Joe Comforton 04/12/2017
This article was previously published by Sin City Precision. I put my 6.5mm Creedmoor match gun back together and had been using a SRZ chassis by Mirage ULR. This was not my first Mirage ULR chassis but it was my favorite thus far. I used a huntin...

Andre De Villiers (ADV) Tactical – Impi Custom Slip Joint Knife

by Isaac Sandovalon 04/07/2017
ADV Tactical is a name that has become known in the knife community for making heavy duty tactical folders. Their most popular blades include the Butcher and the Pathfinder. When we first laid eyes on this new offering, we were really taken back b...