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∗Originally published by Sin City Precision on 11/4/14

Rifles on the rock.

Rifles on the rock.

During the start of the big game late hunt in Nevada I had to carry a lot of stuff on my back. You eventually run out of room in your pack and the accumulated weight of your gear can be surprising. One of the ways I made sure I had the things I needed for the varied conditions and terrain was utilize gear that could serve multiple purposes. The 5.11 Tactical Aggressor Parka was a stand out during my time in the mountains. When packing for a hunt you are always conflicted on what to bring and what to leave behind. You want to choose wisely because excessive weight or bulk is a huge burden.

5.11 Aggressor Parka, Taclite PRO pants and Range Master boots.

5.11 Aggressor Parka, Taclite PRO pants and Range Master boots.

When we arrived in Ruby Valley Thursday night the weather was cold but temperate. The cool light breeze felt good and allowed us to dress lightly. During our trip up the mountain I attached my 5.11 Tactical Aggressor Parka to the exterior of my pack because I knew I would need it later. Once I made it to our camping spot and got rested I was going to get cold fast. Dressed in my 5.11 Tactical Assault shirt, Taclite PRO pants and Range Master boots I was ready to go.

My temporary home.

My temporary home.

Our hike started at 7,095 ft. ASL which is already high for a low land dweller like me (Vegas is roughly 2,200 ft. ASL) and ended at 8,330 ft. ASL, where we set up camp. Carrying my rifle, food/water, camping and hunting gear I noticed the added burden right away. The steep terrain is very formidable and early into the trip Bill, Dane and I wished we had rented pack animals! We decided to hike in at night which presents its own particular difficulties, but for us the advantage was conserving our water. My TMT L2x flashlight was on its second trip into the Rubies and again it proved to be invaluable. We eventually arrived at our destination after many resting periods. The first thing I did was take off my pack and started setting up my tent. The temperature was dropping and the breeze was turning into a cold wind. By the time I had my tent set up my heart rate had slowed and I was getting cold. I was ready crawl into my sleeping bag and go to bed.

Beautiful view from camp.

Beautiful view from camp.

Friday morning the wind was constant and the temperature continued to drop. I spent all day in the parka and decided to put on some long underwear beneath my Taclite PRO pants. When the sun crested over the eastern mountains I was already on glass scanning the draw below me for movement. Bill spotted a few does above us, one of which was particularly curious and watched us for about 40 minutes. As the day went on the wind continually got stronger and was constantly moving our tents around. Much of the day was spent sitting on different vantage points glassing our surroundings. Most of the time I was exposed to the wind, but I was not uncomfortable because I stayed warm.

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