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by on 07/11/2016

I try to shoot USPSA any chance I get but a broken back and three kids prevent me from fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming “Grand Master.” Wink wink, nudge nudge… who am I kidding? Despite being laid up in my lazy boy the following day, I do it because I love it. For a baseball player, it’s the smell of fresh cut grass; for me, it’s the sweet burn of gunpowder. Since I’ve been somewhat “healthy” enough to compete, I’ve been running “limited minor” with my Glock 17L, the subject of a later article. Why? Because 9mm is cheaper than 40sw. But as the match goes on, the pain and fatigue start to set in and my accuracy starts to suffer as I tend to drop my shots. Being that shooting “major” power factor is a bit more forgiving when it comes to scoring, I thought I’d give it a shot.

I’ve never really been a fan of the 40sw. It’s a snappy, unpleasant round that tends to wear down a gun quickly. I much rather prefer a 9mm or 45acp but if I want to stay competitive with my shooting buddies, I’d have to step it up. So I dusted off my Gen4 G35 and headed to the range. I hadn’t shot it in a long time and man, it showed. I cleared my first plate rack and then couldn’t hit a single thing for the rest of the day. I was flinching and jerking all my shots low left. It was down right embarrassing. At one point, I swore off 40sw forever.

Sometime after, I was talking about it to my buddy Ray Wong. He is a veteran competitor at the local matches here in SoCal and a former longtime employee at Glockworx. Ray has since moved on to a company by the name of Advance Dynamic and after making fun of me for a good whole five minutes, said he had a product that will help with me with my dilemma. “The Advance Dynamic RMS stainless steel guide rod and heavy-weight reverse plug are solid upgrades that improve the performance and reliability of your Gen4 Glock by converting the recoil spring configuration to the proven design found in Gen3 Glocks. The RMS guide rod and heavy-weight reverse plug are CNC machined from 416 Stainless Steel bar stock for extended service life and are paired with an ISMI chrome silicon recoil spring. This design uses the optimal spring tension for Gen4 Glocks to ensure proper cycling even with a weapon light attached. The RMS steel guide rod, combined with the weight of the reverse plug, reduces felt recoil to allow for fast follow up shots when compared to a factory Gen4 Glock model.”

The rear of a Glock factory guide rod assembly in both Gen3 or Gen4 configurations can shift up and down and side to side each time the pistol cycles. This is what causes the rear of the guide rod assembly to drop down to the second notch on the front of the barrel lug. The long reverse plug of the RMS keeps the guide rod assembly in line with the bore and there is zero shift between shots just like a 1911. The slide cycles noticeably smoother and there is also less wobble from side to side. This is a night and day difference when compared to the Gen4 “dual spring” assembly that can produce a figure 8 pattern when the gun lifts under recoil as the assembly transitions from one spring to the other then back. The smoother cycling of the already reliable Gen3 system aids with shooting various types of ammo without feeling sluggish.

The RMS is available for the Glock Gen4 34 or 35 and 40 or 41. Each package comes with a pre-installed  stainless steel guide rod, stainless steel reverse plug, reverse plug locking clip and ISMI chrome silicon recoil spring. It also includes instructions, a manufacturer’s warranty and retails for $49.95. The RMS is made completely in the USA. The recommend configuration for most purposes is the 15 lb “flat coil” ISMI recoil spring. This spring has a slightly shorter stack height and works well in the RMS with the largest range of ammunition. If your pistol cycled with the heavier 17 lb factory spring, then you will have no issues with the ADS 15 lb option. A heavier spring is just not needed and you will shoot faster with smoother splits. If you’re running a G40 10mm with extra hot hunting loads, you may want to consider running a heavier than factory ISMI spring which are available from ADS directly.

Installation was quick and fairly easy, only requiring a step or two extra. Before disassembly, always make sure the firearm is unloaded. Drop the mag, lock the slide back, then visually and physically inspect the chamber to make sure it is empty and safe.

Squeeze the trigger, always pointing the gun in a safe direction.

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Improved recoil management. ISMI chrome silicon recoil spring. Stainless steel construction. Precision CNC machining.


It requires a "locking clip" for installation and removal of the guide rod.

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The RMS system cycles smoother, with less up and down/ side to side movement in recoil - helping you shoot faster, tighter groups.

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