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by on 12/05/2016

As previously published by Sin City Precision on 2/10/15.


This year one of my goals is to shoot as much as I reasonable can. Practical long range precision rifle shooting is a perishable skill, just like any other form of shooting. The times I have shot the best was when I was able to continually practice and compete. If you want to shoot at the highest level or shoot to your full potential you have to practice. I am looking forward to utilizing the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS rifle scope. I want to thank George Gardner of GA Precision for this opportunity.

During the Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles I noticed the Bushnell Elite Tactical line of scopes was well represented. I saw a lot of the DMR and XRS models among the competitor’s rifles. The XRS is the flagship of the Elite Tactical scopes. This rifle scope is a 4.5-30x50mm variable magnification, first focal plane optic. The 30x magnification is very useful when shooting extreme ranges and when precisely placing shots during paper stages. The 0.1 MRAD elevation and windage knobs feature locking turrets and a zero stop (for the elevation knob). The knobs complement the glass etched G2DMR reticle nicely and adhere to the widely utilized MRAD/MRAD standard (matching knob adjustments and reticle sub tensions).


The main tube of the rifle scope is made from hammer forged aluminum and is 34mm in diameter. This allows mounting with many popular scope rings and mounts, like those available from Spuhr. Since I have been involved in practical long range precision rifle shooting the biggest thing I demand in a rifle scope is durability and repeatability. I have received positive feedback from fellow shooters and Sin City Precision team mates in regard to this products ability to hold zero and track repeatedly. I plan to follow up with our readers after I have been running this optic in different matches.


When I unboxed the scope, one of the first things I noticed was how compact it is. The XRS has an overall length of 14” without the sunshade attached. The compact size is pretty uncommon when evaluating scopes in this magnification range. The XRS tips the scale at 37 ounces or roughly 2.3 pounds, which is relatively light. I am currently in between match rifles and plan on utilizing the Bushnell XRS on both my 16.5” 6.5 Creedmoor and 22” 6.5 Creedmoor, which will serve as my interim competition rifle. This optic will not only be utilized on the range or during competitions, but also during the large game season in Nevada (on my 6.5 SAUM) if I successfully draw a tag again. I am looking forward to getting this scope mounted and heading out to the desert to burn up some rounds. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on how it performs for me.

Bushnell Elite Tactical
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Off the bat, it's compact and lightweight w/ MRAD, locking turrets, zero stop.


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