Indian Creek Design BFD

by on 12/09/2016

The good folks at Indian Creek Design were kind enough to send us over their new Blast Forwarding Device (BFD) for testing. The BFD is a universal blast shield that works with just about any 1/2″ or 5/8″ muzzle device you can think of as long as it doesn’t exceed 1″ in diameter. We thought this was a great concept since all other options lock you into a specific muzzle device. We are going to briefly cover the install and our overall impression of the BFD.

First off, we have to mention just how nicely made the BFD is. No gimmicky machining, simple and to the point. The fitment of the shield to the threaded collar is absolutely perfect and the knurling provided very good traction when installing or removing the shield. The BFD weighs in at just 2.5 oz and the black type III hard anodized finish is flawless although we wish it was done in more of a matte tone to reduce glint.

Installation of the BFD was simple. Start by removing the muzzle device in order to install the BFD threaded collar behind it. The threaded collar has a fairly snug fit to the diameter of the threads on the barrel, so it centers nicely.

The threaded collar will slide over the barrel leaving plenty of threads for the muzzle device to be attached. Now simply reinstall the muzzle device and crush washer as normal.

Once the muzzle device has been reinstalled with the threaded collar in place, it is ready for the BFD. Simply slide the BFD over the muzzle device and screw into the collar.

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Superior muzzle blast control. Easy installation. Low cost of $79.95.


The finish is flawless, just a bit too shiny for our liking.

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Bottom Line

Indian Creek Design did a great job with this little device. We really like the functionality and quality of the BFD and if the finish were just slightly more matte, it would be perfect.

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