Marfione Custom MSG-3

by on 07/08/2016

We have been searching for a new perfect everyday carry knife and we are happy to report that the search is now over. The moment we laid eyes on the new Marfione Custom Knives MSG-3, we knew it had the potential to fulfill all our needs. With an integral construction from a solid chunk of 6AL-4V titanium and the classic lines of Mick Strider, this blade has definitely struck a chord with us.

The MSG-3 is a knife manufactured by Marfione Custom Knives and designed in collaboration with Mick Strider of Mick Strider Customs. We have long been fans of both for many reasons, especially previous collaborations such as the D.O.C. in both auto and manual configurations. One distinguishing feature of the MSG-3 from the Mick Strider Custom made knives is that this blade features a flipper tab which is our preferred method of blade deployment.

One of our favorite features of this knife is the sub frame lock bar with the hardened steel insert. We recently learned that as of August 1st, many knife dealers will have to stop selling Microtech and Marfione knives with have sub frame locks because of litigation involving another manufacturer that has a patent on the design. This is sad news for many fans and we are hoping that there will be a swift and mutually beneficial arrangement made between the makers. If you are thinking about picking up a Microtech or Marfione with a sub frame lock, it would be wise to do so quickly because it sounds like they will become very scarce if nothing is resolved soon.

Although this blade may seem a little bit slick due to the minimalist design of the integral frame, there is no shortage of grip thanks to ample jimping in strategic locations throughout the blade and handle. These are designed for some serious work and this is evident as soon as you grip it in one of the many positions it has to offer.

We especially appreciate the generous front choil which allows the user to choke up on the blade for really fine cutting tasks. Now you’ll have no problem carving Molon Labe into all your favorite spots.

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Titanium Integral construction handle that feels strong and rugged. Perfectly symmetrical blade grind. Snappy action. Great ergonomics with ample jimping in the right places.


Our blade had some hardware that was backing itself loose with repeated use.

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Bottom Line

At $715 retail, the Marfione Custom MSG-3 is without question a high end knife. After spending some time getting to know this excellent blade better, we can assure you that it is worth every penny and makes a perfect everyday carry knife. If you are thinking about picking one up, it might be wise to do so before some retailers are forced to stop selling the Microtech and Marfione Customs with sub frame locks.

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