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by on 06/14/2016

PC: Next Level Training

There’s no denying the benefits of “dry fire” practice. While nothing can replace the real thing, being able to concentrate on your technique without the distraction of recoil is valuable. Shooting is a perishable skill and the ability to improve your draw, sight alignment, trigger control and even reloads safely from the convenience of your home is a powerful training aid. While there are products on the market to assist with this, the are none quite like the Next Level Training SIRT Pistol!

The SIRT training pistol is designed to have the look, weight and feel of a third generation Glock 17 and now a full size Smith & Wesson M&P. It’s available in a polymer or a steel slide and even though at a higher cost, we recommend you choose the latter for a more realistic feel. Other options include a red or purple colored slide with either a red/red or red/green laser. The green laser is another feature that comes at an additional price but many feel it is easier to see and like the contrast between the two.

The system is pretty safe and simple to operate. The slide is non-reciprocating and the magazine is a weighted dummy so there is no way to load with any type of ammunition and have an accidental discharge, risking personal or property damage. It uses off the shelf 3 volt lithium batteries.

The sights were just like the OEM and we even measured the SIRT’s trigger pull and found it to be just about the same as a bone stock Glock.

When the trigger is staged, a laser is activated. This is your take-up indicator and can be deactivated if desired by the flick of a switch.

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Perhaps the best pistol training aid on the market. Twin lasers are a great indicator of gun shake and flinch when pulling trigger. Overall - the size, shape, trigger feel and controls are identical to a Glock 17. A weighted fake magazine helps you practice reloads. The ultimate in dry fire practicing safety. Not a pistol. Does not fire anything except photons.


Not quite the same shape as a Glock 17 meant that the SIRT was a little sticky in some molded plastic holsters. Slide does not move and there is no slide lock so reloading can only be partially practiced. We broke ours and had to send it back to be repaired. Great customer service though. Expensive, cost more than some real pistols! Not as great if you don't use a Glock/M&P but still useful if you use any striker fire pistol.

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If you can afford it, get it!

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