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by on 11/23/2016

We have been working on a Tavor Project for a while here at TRGRiQ and we were having a difficult time trying to decide which optic to run. The Tavor rifle is an ideal CQB weapon and we wanted to chose an optic that fit this role best. We kept going back and forth on whether we wanted a red dot or a magnified optic. We like the speed that a red dot will have but also appreciate how a magnified or variable power optic could help extend the range of the Tavor and take advantage of the 18” barrel. We took a look at what was out there in the market and we came across what we think would be a great solution that would be both fast in CQB situations as well as add some longer range effective shooting with the Primary Arms PAC 2.5x. This small and lightweight optic features the innovative ACSS reticle and at $199, a price that anyone can appreciate.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not one to be running and gunning on the weekends playing action hero and trying to be tactical. Much of my time shooting is spent doing stationary drills to refine my accuracy and just playing with new guns I’m testing. The concept of close quarters combat (CQB) is something that I understand and have an appreciation for the skillset and hardware required to be effective in that arena. The Tavor rifle is designed to be used in CQB and it also as the ability to reach out and be effective at distances greater than 100 meters which is typically what would be considered max engagement distance for CQB. Another consideration for CQB applications is lighting conditions which are not always the best when indoors, so having good light transmission was imperative. The Primay Arms PAC 2.5x seemed to check all the boxes and as an added benefit it is also light on the wallet.

We took the PAC 2.5x out to the range for an initial testing and we found ourselves right at home with the ACSS reticle which we have become big fans of. The next thing we liked was the clarity of the glass. We did look up some other reviews on this optic and noticed that a few people said the reticle was not centered but we are happy to report that our optic had a perfectly centered reticle. We zeroed the optic and noticed the nice positive detents on the ½ MOA turrets which are found behind easily removable o-ring sealed turret caps. The optic held zero like a champ and so we decided to let a few other people at the range get behind it and get their impressions. The most common response was how clear of an optic and how bright the image was which came as no surprise given the very generous exit pupil of over 10mm that just bathes the human eye in light.

PC: Nikon

The human eye pupil will open up to about 7mm at its largest in low light conditions and with an exit pupil of more than 10mm, the PAC 2.5x will make all of the objects observed through the optic as bright as if they were seen with the naked eye. The exit pupil is a function of the objective lense divided by the magnification.

PC: Primary Arms

The ACSS reticle is calibrated for 5.56 and we found it to be very effective at different distances. We did not get a chance to test out the ranging capabilities of the reticle or the wind holds since we were shooting stationary targets at known distances.

An actual look at the ACSS from the shooter’s perspective. Thankfully, the reticle is etched because we left the illumination on and the battery was dead.

Another thing we like about this optic is that it is a lighter weight compared to a variable power optic and mount combination. The Tavor is already a heavy weapon for CQB and any weight savings is a huge benefit. We can save anywhere from 4oz – 8oz with the PAC 2.5x compared to a variable power magnified optic.

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Unmatched value and glass quality is excellent. Very good light transmission. Innovative reticle design.


The mounting screws came loose when shooting.

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Bottom Line

We think the PAC 2.5x from Primary Arms is an excellent value and a great performer for CQB. We also like the price and quality of the optics for that price. It holds zero, doesn’t cost very much, has good glass, and the ACSS reticle is very useful in all of the shooting that we do on a normal basis. We really couldn’t ask for much more.

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