CMMG Mutant MK47 (pt 1-3) – Independence Training

by on 02/07/2016

We recently got our hands on a CMMG Inc. Mutant MK47 AKM for testing. This is video #1 of several more to come. In this test, we focus on different types of ammunition, magazines, close quarters rapid shooting and long range shooting out to 500m.

We set our Mutant up with a Trijicon TA31RCO-M4 ACOG with KRAM spacer, a Streamlight TLR-1s HL light and a Redwire Gear convertible sling.

Test results: 400 rounds with zero malfunctions, receiver too tight for Master Molder magazines, 13 different ammunition types tested at 50m for function and accuracy, keymod forend gets very hot after only a few magazines, engaged targets 200m-500m with effective accuracy. Full size image of the 50m accuracy test with all ammo types marked:

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Fits most AK magazines on the market. Service accuracy was very good, so far tested to 500 meters with good results. Zero malfunctions with 400 rounds so far. More testing to come!


Master Molder/Thermold magazines are very tight in the mag well. Keymod rail got hot after about 150 rounds and gloves were needed. Brass deflector got chewed up (cosmetic only).

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Bottom Line

One of the best AK magazine accepting AR type platform rifles out there.

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  • 02/09/2016 at 11:23 pm

    For the Cal Legal version, the worst bullet button ever. It takes two hands and a lot of fiddling to get the magazine out. It absolutely ruins the gun but I guess that’s the intent of California law makers.

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