The Glock Store Precision Extended Slide Lock

by on 10/12/2015

We recently had a chance to evaluate a much overlooked accessory for Glock pistols from Glock Store, the Precision Extended Slide Lock. If you are a Glock owner, you know that pulling the slide lock down to release the slide during field stripping is the hardest part about field stripping a Glock.  The stock slide lock has very short and hard to grasp little nubs that protrude out of the frame and the must be pulled down with some force to release the slide from the frame. The Glock Store slide lock is longer, just enough to make field stripping a breeze but not so long that it can cause snagging in holster or clothing.  The plus feature of the Precision Slide Lock is that it can also help accuracy.  If you are wondering how it does that, keep reading.

The Glock Store Precision Extended Slide Lock is available in black, gold and silver.  That’s cool if your Glock has aftermarket stainless or TiN coated pins and/or slide stops and you want your slide lock to match. The precision part’s that the Slide Lock is CNC machined from 416 stainless steel instead of stamped like the stock part. This means that there is a lot more control of the dimensions of the part, particularly the thickness. This is one of the ways that the part can improve accuracy.

You can see here that the Glock Store Slide Lock (top) is slightly longer than the stock part (bottom). The extra length is what makes it easier to remove the slide as it gives you more to grab onto when pulling the lock down when removing the slide.

The key to the Glock Store Slide Locks increasing accuracy is here. Note that the Glock Store part as shown on the left is thicker and very consistent in thickness compared to the stock part on the right.

The thinner stock slide lock has slop in its slot in the frame. You can see the gap between the slide lock and frame in the photo. This means that there is some back and forth play between the slide and the frame when the gun is in battery. This can have a small effect on accuracy.

The thicker Glock Store Slide Lock fits very closely to the slot in the frame and does not allow the slide to move much in the back and forth direction when in battery. This gives more consistent lock up adding accuracy. After firing over a thousand rounds in several different guns, we did not detect any decrease in reliability. Accuracy was very slightly improved with slightly better groups noticeable at longer ranges.

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Works exceedingly well in making field stripping much easier. Can help some guns gain a small amount of accuracy. Low cost and easy to install. No bad things happened even on tightly fitted guns.


Not all guns gain accuracy as claimed. Guns that have tight tolerances from the factory or have been fitted for tighter clearances don't gain anything.

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Bottom Line

All Glocks that are fired and cleaned frequently need this. We fitted this part to just about all the Glocks in our stable.

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