Solar Tactical AK47 MFER Flared Magwell

by on 12/08/2015

Although the AK47 is a rugged and reliable weapons system, it has horrible ergonomics. In contrast, if the AR15’s super easy manual of arms was compared to being behind the wheel of a modern sports car, the AK47’s would be that of driving a T-62 tank. Perhaps the AK’S ergonomics are its worst feature and thankfully there are now a number of products on the market to address this. As long as you have a stamped lower, the Solar Tactical AK47 MFER (Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload) is one of these products.

The AK47 magazine must be inserted nose first and rocked back. This isn’t that hard but it’s not as easy as an AR. What makes it harder is that there are no visual or tactile references on the bottom of the receiver that makes this a super fast deal, especially when under stress. This is one of the reasons why TiQgirl is “meh” on the AK.

The Solar Tactical MFER solves these problems. It gives a larger, easy to find surface that guides the magazine right in. Magazine changes can be much faster without any fumbling. The Solar Tactical magwell clips to the front edge of the stock magwell and attaches to the trigger guard with two small bolts. The magwell is made of fiber reinforced plastic and is strong and durable. All hardware in non corrosive stainless. The magwell will not fit on milled receivers.

The concept of the Solar Magwell was great until we tried to install it. On our Izhmash AK47, the magwell didn’t even come close to fitting. There were few main issues. First, the California mandated bullet button made the area around the mag release wider than most AK’s. Thus making the magwell’s split ends spread too far apart for the bolts to thread into their respective nuts. Second, the trigger guard on our Ishmash must be further back than on some other AKs because the magwell’s trigger slot was way too short. Third, the trigger guard curved backwards so the lower of the two bolts could not be installed. With a bunch of filing, we were able to get the trigger guard to fit… sort of. The bottom bolt fit in but the top bolt ran straight into the trigger guard. The clearance filing broke through into the bolt hole so the one remaining bolt was smacked against the trigger guard. To prevent this, the magwell should be made higher and longer in the area of the trigger guard. This was the bolt holes could be made lower and further rearward. To accommodate bullet buttons, there should be just enough clearance around the mag release area as well. The trigger guard slot should be a lot longer; like maybe 3/16 further back. These changes should make the magwell fit on most AK variants. We only say this because an Izhmash is a normal common Russian pattern AK and were shocked that there was this much difficulty with the installation.

Once installed, the magwell worked great and only having one hold down bolt did not seem to impair it’s function. Mag changes were much smoother and easier, especially for those not used to AK’s.

The Solar Tactical MFER definitely fixed one of the issues TiQgirl hated about the AK. The magwell worked so well that in the end, it was still worth the frustrating hour it took to make it fit. A significant amount of patience was needed for what should be a 5 minute installation.

We realize that there are many AK variants around and sloppy Communist quality control allows a lot of variance in dimensions as well. We feel that the design of this part should be robust enough to take that into consideration. If Solar Tactical can understand this and redesign the part so it could fit on all the common AK variants, we would really be behind it.

Solar Tactical


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The concept of this part is awesome and it works really well.


Our test gun was a common Ishmash AK47 variant and it did not fit well at all, even after a lot of fitting. It still worked but it should have fit this common Russian pattern AK! The design needs to be changed to fit a lot more guns. The good news is, it should not be that hard to do so.

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Awesome part, not so awesome fit. Still worth the hassle

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