The Great Glock 43 Magazine Extension Comparison (pt. 1)

by on 10/28/2016

Glock fans everywhere had been waiting for the single stack 9MM subcompact Glock 43 for some time and when it first came to market were quite happy with it.  However, many were dismayed that it only had a six round capacity. Some of the G43’s competitors like the M&P Shield and Ruger LC9 had standard seven round magazines and 8-9 round optional factory magazines available.

With a revolver-like capacity, the consumer was dying for ways to get more rounds out of their Glock 43 and the aftermarket quickly responded with some extension kits. We got hold of a few G43 magazine extensions that were available at the time for initial testing and will to try to follow up with the latest and report our findings.

Pearce Grip Plus One Extension

The Pearce Grips Plus 1 extension increases the capacity of your G43 by one round making it 7+1. Its polymer pinky adds minimally to the size of the magazine which is important for concealed carry. MSRP is $9.95.

To install an extension you must pry off the baseplate of the magazine. This works by pushing a small punch or screwdriver through the hole in the bottom of the magazine, pushing the spring seat out of the way. Then you squeeze the sides of the magazine while pushing forward on the screwdriver firmly until the baseplate pops loose. This can take quite a bit of pressure and feels sketchy the first time you do it.

Once the baseplate pops loose you can simply slide it off the bottom of the magazine body. The spring and spring seat are under a lot of pressure and must be held back with your thumb as the baseplate is slid off to prevent it from launching across the room. It is a good idea to wear eye protection before starting.

The spring/ spring seat are compressed and the Pearce mag extension is slid into place of the baseplate. Note: All the magazine extensions install in a similar manner so we won’t be repeating this sequence.

The Pearce extension is pushed into place until it clicks and the spring seat peg is protruding from the hole in the bottom of the extension like the stock magazine. The spring seat peg helps lock the extension in place. The stock magazine spring is retained.

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