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by on 10/05/2016


Chances are by now you’ve already seen a MagPod or two, particularly on the base of another shooter’s AR15 magazine, while on a bench at the range, maybe in a chest rig during a tactical class or even when scrolling through your favorite gun porn on social media. If you’re running a lightweight carbine and want something to help steady your rifle for an accurate shot whether you’re quickly going prone or posted up against an inanimate object but don’t want the added weight and bulk of a bipod, then the MagPod is for you.

PC: Jay Canter Photography

PC: Jay Canter Photography

The MagPod replaces the floorplate of the Magpul Gen2 MOE (or older) PMAG and its wide boot-like base pad serves as a monopod. Comprised of 15% glass fiber reinforced PA6 material and double injection molded TPU for durability and “improved traction on hard surfaces.” It’s available in either black or FDE, comes in a pack of 3 and retails for $19.95.

PC: Jay Canter Photography

PC: Jay Canter Photography

The PMag is probably the most popular AR15 magazine in today’s market. It’s inexpensive, durable and reliable.

PC: Jay Canter Photography

PC: Jay Canter Photography

Its minimalist design doesn’t add any weight or unwanted bulk and installs in seconds.

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Inexpensive, lightweight, easy to install, non-snagging, and effective. Does not cause any reliability problems.


Not as useful if shooting uphill. Not as steady as a bipod or sandbag.

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This minimalist design serves its purpose well and we would rock this any day when going prone.

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