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by on 12/27/2016

I was rather fortunate with the help of TRGRiQ and Chris from Timney to use the newest offering of triggers for my Ruger Precision Rifle. I was so impressed with the trigger, I just had to try out Timney’s two-stage Calvin Elite in my Remington 700 competition rifle. I shot a couple local matches with my Timney 510, but after that RPR trigger I was hooked on their two stage variants. So like any red blooded American I pulled out my laptop and credit card and purchased the trigger in “secret shopper style.” I ordered the curved trigger, 8oz first-stage and an additional 8oz for the second stage.

Out of the Box Measurements and Expectations:
The trigger arrived in typical Timney fashion with a good solid build. One item that has made me a touch nervous is the triggers resistance to “moon dust” found in the South West united states desert region. There is a small hole which looks to be designed for service or inspection. This is likely no big deal for most environments, and I have not seen Timney put out a finicky trigger that only works properly if you are in a lab grade clean room, but I have seen this silt get into all sort of places.  

As usual, I am still like a spoiled kid on Christmas because as soon as this stuff shows up I want to rip the box open and start putting stuff together. With the joys of UPS tracking, I had the rifle disassembled before the new trigger even showed up, so it was as simple as unboxing the trigger, putting the trigger in place and driving the two pins. Installing these things are so easy even I can do it.

So before any dry firing, checking the feel of the trigger, out came the trigger pull gauge and let the measurements commence. Unfortunately this is where my major gripe about Timney comes into play and if they read this they might start swearing at me for being a brat and not understanding how a big time trigger company operates. Is my gripe a big deal?  No.  Is my gripe something that can be accounted for? Yes. Is my gripe even valid? Maybe. My gripe is what trigger pull weight is ordered compared to what they send out. 

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Good price point. Easy to install. User adjustable.


Very minor creep. Not as crisp of a break as other triggers out there.

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Bottom Line

A great trigger that suits the needs for a practical precision rifle shooter extremely well.

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