Upgrading to the X Products X-17

by on 09/21/2016

Ok, so let me start this out with a little history on my SCAR 17S. It was purchased in November of 2012 just prior to the re-election and shooting that caused a total frenzy in the firearms industry and the nation. I had planned the purchase, based on replacing a DPMS LR-308, after seeing that Handl Defense was manufacturing a lower receiver which would allow for the utilization of Magpul SR25 magazines. So without even owning a 17S yet, I already had a HD MK17 on pre-order.

How exciting this was acquiring the Handl lower at the time back in 2012.

The Handl Defense MK17 lower arrived the week before that Thanksgiving. I was told by Rainier Arms, it was one of the 1st batches from Handl, which was exciting at the time. Little did we know, there had been a few small issues during the production phase that would end up plaguing the release of the lower. Reports of bad fit and finish were results of poor quality control. My lower only suffered from being out of spec around the front pin and the fit between the lower receiver the upper was extremely snug; or so I thought. To my dismay, however, a few months later I discovered on a sub freezing day in January of 2013 that there was another problem. Surprisingly, it just so happened that the MK17 did not get along very well (or at all) with 1st gen Magpul magazines when it was super cold outside. The magazine would self-eject upon firing, which came as quite the shock. I was able to remedy this problem with a slight modification to the Magpul magazines. The alteration required a dremel to cut out the retention indentation in the magazine. This was a temporary solution to a potentially bigger problem.

Replacing the Handl lower was like saying goodbye to an acquaintance. I was there for them and yeah…

Now that we got that out of the way, we can begin this journey with the all new X Products X-17 Trigger Module FN SCAR 17S Light Weight Billet Lower Receiver. I had first heard mention of it just after Shot Show 2016. In all honesty though, I had forgotten about it until August when, low and behold, one popped up on Instagram. So I began searching aimlessly for a review but to no avail. Maybe it’s that some folks are (FN) purists, I however am not.

Some awesome has arrived!

Specs for the X Products X-17 are a follows. The lower is machined from billet 7075 aluminum with precision. Their machinists have removed as much non critical material to a paltry 11 ounces, making it the lightest aluminum SR25/Magpul compatible SCAR 17S lower on the market. Which, is then black hard coat anodized. The X-17 is also compatible, even “Guaranteed” to work with factory and custom triggers. All said and done, the icing on this cake is a company willing to stand by their product, offering an almost unheard of “Lifetime Factory Warranty”.

Um yeah, besides that it looks flipping Bad@$$! I know that in most cases, looks have no effect over how how it will perform but my hopes are that it will function flawlessly based on X Product’s track record of manufacturing much more complicated things such as high capacity drum magazines (which are not legal in Kommiefornia, so glad the Midwest has its freedoms and/or rights).

Unboxing occurred right on the trunk of my car! Sorry about the poor lighting I was a little excited to check it out.

Seeing these two lowers side by side made me realize the effort that X Products took to improve the aesthetics of theirs over the opposition make it stand out as a top shelf upgrade/ replacement.

Left side view of X Products X-17 (top) vs Handl SCAR25 (bottom). There’s obviously a difference between the two.

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Easy upgrade to an Aluminum lower that allows the use of more common and reliable readily available less expensive magazines. As a bonus it looks pretty cool too.


It is not backwards compatible with the factory FN mags (honesty though, this could be under Pros too).

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Bottom Line

A big thumbs up to X Products for the X-17. Hope you have other cool things planned for the SCAR 17S platform.

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