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by on 05/25/2017

“Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) is an American firearms and firearms parts manufacturer, best known for producing the Rail Interface System (RIS) and the Rail Adapter System (RAS) grips for firearms use. They currently produce a variety of firearms, specifically AR-15 rifles. One of their best known rifles is the SR-25 semi-automatic special application sniper rifle. KAC is owned by C. Reed Knight and is based in Titusville, Florida. Knight’s Manufacturing Company (KMC) is the division of KAC responsible for products aimed at the civilian market.” (Wikipedia)

We take a quick non-scientific look at the “Point of Impact Shift” between three different SR-25’s with two different muzzle devices and two different cans.

KAC SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine (ECC) – 16″ 5R CL 1:11 Twist BBL. 7.62mm/.308win. 9.12lbs. 35.75″ OA. (PC:KAC)

“The SR-25 16” Enhanced Combat Carbine is the flagship weapon for KAC in 2012. The ECC System features a 16” 5R Cut Rifled barrel, precision chromed to add longevity, resistance to fouling and corrosion, and a 762QDC Flash Suppressor. This weapon system is also equipped with the URX 3.1 configuration which allows shooters the advantage of an MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail, yet the comfort of a slimmer, more contoured handrail.” (KAC)

KAC 762 QDC/CQB. 18.5db. 15oz. 6.4″. Full Auto Rated.

“In addition to effective flash and sound suppression (18.5 dB/28 db), the 7.62 QDC/CQB silencer employs a QDC (Quick-Disconnect Coupling) attachment method that separates the locking parts from the mounting surfaces, thus reducing bothersome carbon build-up. The consistent POI shift is maintained through repetitive lock-up of the mounting hardware during attachment. Moreover, the QDC line of suppressors is available in two sizes: this shorter QDC/CQB unit for better overall maneuverability in tight spaces, and the standard 7.62 QDC (not pictured) model for ideal flash and sound reduction.” (Silencer Shop)

KAC 762 MAMS. Steel. 5/8×24. QDC and QDC/CQB Compatible.

“The KAC 7.62 MAMS (Multi-Axis Muzzle Stability) Brake has been engineered to increase controllability, to significantly reduce felt recoil, and to help mitigate a rifle’s flash signature as compared to traditional muzzle brake designs. The MAMS is a neutral bias brake that combats both muzzle rise and drift upon firing. Depending on the gun’s barrel length, it can reduce felt recoil in a 7.62x51mm gun by as much as 52 percent. The 7.62 MAMS is compatible with KAC’s Quick Disconnect Coupling (QDC) 7.62mm sound suppressor line, and comes complete with a 7-piece shim kit and installation instructions.” (KAC)

KAC SR-25 Advanced Precision Carbine. 7.62mm/.308win. 16″ 1:10 Twist. 9lbs. 35.75″-39.5″.

“The SR-25E2 APC is the latest evolution of the dual role 7.62 mm NATO Carbine. The APC is equally adept at putting rounds on target past 800 meters or rapid multi-shot engagement at close range, with a barrel and bolt life to support the training regimen necessary to master these skills. An ambidextrous bolt release, selector, and magazine release offers the left-handed user the ergonomic advantages inherent to AR15 based controls, as well as giving right-handed users alternate methods of manipulation to increase efficiency of movement. The Drop-In-2-Stage Trigger serves double duty as an aid to long range precision marksmanship while enabling surgical speed shooting at close range.A 7.62 QDC Flash Suppressor reduces flash and ground disturbance, and supports knight’s QDC Signature Reduction Devices.” (KAC)

KAC 762 Flash Hider. 5/8×24.

“Threaded to 5/8×24 and designed to accept either the 7.62 QDC or CQB suppressors. Standard 3/4″ flats on the rear of the device and the included shim set make it as easy to install as possible.” (Silencer Shop)

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