Project: AK47 (pt 3)

by on 01/09/2017

If you have been following our series on making an AK47 a good gun for a person that hates the AK47 and have read part one and part 2,you have hopefully been eagerly awaiting our final chapter in the AK47 Saga – part 3!

In our first two chapters, we took a high-quality Russian Saiga AK47 and went about correcting what we saw as the AK47’s worst practical issues, the horrible ergonomics and the lack of ability to attach optics and accessories to the front end. We were pretty pleased with the results but we still wanted to take things to the next level.

We sent our AK out to the guys at LRK Mechanical to get another round of work done that was beyond what we were comfortable with doing ourselves.

One of the main things we wanted to be done was to shorten the barrel of our AK so the overall length of the barrel with the Lantac Dragon muzzle brake pinned and welded on would be 16.1 inches. This would mean chopping the barrel down to 13.5″ or so and rethreading it. Fortunately, the 7.62×39 round works pretty well from this short of a barrel.

Since making the barrel this short would cut out where the front sight was pinned to the barrel, we replaced the gas block with a Venom Tactical gas block which has an integrated HK style front site on an AR15 type front sight post. This is a nice upgrade that really modernizes the look of the gun.

To make the AK more comfortable and to get a better cheek weld when using an optic, we used the Magpul Zhukov-S stock which is an inline design that raises the sight line so a cheek piece is no longer needed with optics and is also adjustable for length of pull which is a good feature for multiple users. The inline stock also reduces muzzle climb and felt recoil. The Zhukov-S stock is folding which makes it nice and compact but also illegal for use in our state if installed as is. LRK Mech pinned the stock with an allen bolt and a threaded insert so that the folding feature can be rendered inoperable but the bolt can be removed for use in a free state.

To help ensure reliable ignition we installed ALG‘s higher rate hammer spring.

We also replaced the Tapco G2 trigger with ALG’s enhanced AK trigger.

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