Tech: Manticore Arms Tavor Upgrades (DiY)

by on 12/20/2016

Our IWI Tavor Project has been patiently waiting for some attention as other projects have taken priority. We are going to be installing the Manticore Arms Overwatch Rail system as well as their ARClight XTL forend. The Overwatch rail system is designed to increase the height of the optics mounted on the rail by ½” to match the cheek weld of AR pattern rifles. The Overwatch rail is made of 6061 T6 aluminum and retails for $135. The ARClight XTL forend is one piece and features Manticore Arms ARClight slot system. We picked up the loaded version for $235 which includes all of the accessories needed to mount a 1” flashlight inside of the forend for a really clean look.

We begin by disassembling the stock Tavor forend. Remove the two shouldered screws on either side. This required a phillips head screwdriver.

After removing the phillips screws, pull the front of the stock forend downward and then slide it out in the forward direction.

The stock forend attaches with this rock in style hook attachment at the rear and the two screws up front.

The Manticore Arms ARClight XTL forend just slides right into place.

When we slid the Arclight on our rifle, we were not able to get the front screw hole to line up enough to allow the shouldered screw to be installed.

We took our round file and increased the clearance slightly and test for fitment. We did this process a few times removing minimal amounts of material with each go of filing. We only needed a small amount of clearance to clear the shoulder and we also wanted to make sure the forend fits nice and snug to the rifle so it is important that we did not remove too much material.

Here you can see the shouldered screw. The lower half of the screw is threaded and is a smaller diameter than the shoulder.

After a little bit of filing we achieved a perfect fitment of the forend. Reinstall the two shouldered screws with a little bit of loctite on the screw threads.

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