Wreck-A-Classic (pt 4)

by on 12/06/2016

If you have been following this story, we had a mint Delta HBAR Colt AR15 that had been sitting in storage as a collector’s piece for years. In 1994, it had been registered as a California Assualt Rifle and was set aside and forgotten about. The thing that made us dig the gun out of storage 22 years later was that since it was a registered pre-ban grandfathered gun, it could be shot legally without the obnoxious bullet button. Until the end of this year, it could also legally shoot grandfathered high capacity magazines. Due to a change of laws in our wonderous state of Kalifornia, we will have to turn in all of our high capacity magazines even old previously legal ones with no compensation or risk legal persecution. This sucks but that’s a whole other lame issue with our once great state’s government.

So although our gun has some value to Colt geeks as a collector’s piece, it is worth more as a shooter to us who actually use our guns frequently and hard! Not having a bullet button is great for competition and a must for realistic training. Not having to use a bullet button makes this lower receiver priceless to the California shooter. So what else to do but modernize our classic and bring it up to the state of the AR art standards.

In our last installment, we had assembled our lower and we will now turn our attention to the upper.

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First, we slid our JP Enterprises barrel into our Daniel Defense big hole upper receiver. The fit was perfect, a snug near interference fit. In this picture, you can see the exquisite build quality of the JP barrel. It is like a piece of jewelry.

We lubricated the threads of the upper with a little bit of anti-seize.

We then slid the lock ring for the Daniel Defense handguard in place.

The barrel nut is now hand tightened into place.

The tool that comes with the Daniel Defense is used with a breaker bar to tighten and loosen the barrel nut 3-4 times. This burnishes the threads for a more accurate torque reading and seats everything nicely. We used approximately 40 lb-ft of torque to do this.

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