Path of the Brave: Muay Thai Clinch 101 (Neck, Arm/Shoulder & Hip)

by Walter Michalowskion 05/19/2017
Kru Walter introduces his next Muay Thai 101 series: “The Clinch.” It is broken down into three sections – the neck, arms/shoulders and hip. Continue to page 2 for the neck clinch. Please follow and like us:

Why a short barrel 6.5 Creedmoor? – Real Shooter

by Justin Colletton 05/16/2017
Real Shooter interviews Joe Comfort of DMR LLC about their history with short barreled 6.5 Creedmoor rifles, its performance and advantages in particular situations. Robert Starling of Starling Productions brought his DJI Inspire 2 drone out this ...

Gone Featureless: Converting The Kriss Vector CRB

by Isaac Sandovalon 05/09/2017
Come January 1st, 2018, all California “bullet button” rifles will need to be registered. But we all know registration leads to confiscation. One way of avoiding this is to go featureless. While Kriss has recently released a series of ...

Path of the Brave: Teep Defense (pt. 1-2) & Rear Leg Teep Defense (pt. 1-2)

by Walter Michalowskion 05/05/2017
The Muay Thai Teep is a front leg push kick otherwise known as a foot jab. It is used to control distance and/or setup other strikes. The rear leg Teep on the other hand is a more powerful strike and can be utilized much like a cross punch. In reg...

Trimming the Fat: JP CTR-02 Weight Reduction for Better Perfomance

by John Chillinoon 04/28/2017
I met my buddy BoostedM3 a few years back playing Xbox Call Of Duty Black Ops online. The two of us completely destroyed the other team in Capture the Flag on Jungle. It took all of five minutes to discover he was also a fellow gun guy. As it turn...