DiY: Steel Target System – Real Shooter

by Justin Colletton 04/23/2017
Quick look at a DiY steel target system I put together with a friend of mine. There are a million options out there for steel set-ups. This one works for me and has been durable thus far. I know. I should of washed my windshield. It was early. I d...

Path of the Brave: Elbows 101 – Offense & Defense (miniseries)

by Walter Michalowskion 04/20/2017
Kru Walter introduces us to elbows in Muay Thai. The start of our mini series on elbows! Kru Walter Michalowski demonstrates some basic elbow techniques. Kru Walter goes into the spinning back elbow and a downward elbow strike! Please follow and l...

DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock Stippling (102)

by John Chillinoon 04/17/2017
Aaand we’re back. In our first installment of this series, DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock GripĀ Job (101), we learned how to remove the finger grooves, grind down the sides and back strap before double undercuttingĀ the trigger guar...

Path of the Brave: Right Cross – Kick Counter, Elbows & Knees

by Walter Michalowskion 04/04/2017
Kru Walter Michalowski shows us how to counter the right cross with a kick. Kru Walter shows us some counters to the right cross using signature Muay Thai weapons: the knee and the elbow! Source: Sityodtong LA Please follow and like us:

GeoBallistics: BallisticARC + WeatherFlow – Sin City Precision

by Joe Comforton 03/31/2017
Previously published by Sin City Precision. When I got started in shooting long range your D.O.P.E. book was your bible. We meticulously recorded as much information as we could. We used the information to try and figure out what our bullet was go...