Path of the Brave: Jab Defense – Counter Elbow, Knee & Neck Kick (pt. 2-3)

by Walter Michalowskion 02/21/2017
Eight time Muay Thai champion, Kru Walter “Sleeper” Michalowski of Sityodtong, Los Angeles, discusses more of jab defense in “The Path of the Brave.” In this video, Kru Walter Michalowski demonstrates countering a jab with ...

Path of the Brave: Jab Defense – Parrying the Jab, Distance Management & Counterattacks (pt. 1-2)

by Walter Michalowskion 02/17/2017
Eight time Muay Thai champion, Kru Walter “Sleeper” Michalowski of Sityodtong, Los Angeles, discusses jab defense in our first segment of “The Path of the Brave.” Pt. 1: Intro and Concepts – Jab defense concepts with ...

DiY: Bootleg Inc. Enhanced Upper Receiver / PicMod Handguard (Install)

by Isaac Sandovalon 02/14/2017
We are always on the lookout for new innovations and novel concepts in firearms here at TiQ. Having good gear is important from a functional standpoint but equally as important is being familiar with it. The AR15 has to be one of our top all time ...

Blanca builds her custom AR15

Project: Blanca – Building a Custom AR15 w/ Strike Industries, Primary Arms and KE Arms! (pt 1)

by Mike Kojimaon 02/12/2017
Blanca is a friend of ours who occasionally joins us at the range. Being a starving college student, she doesn’t have her own gun but always has lots of fun shooting the plethora of firearms that we bring for testing. Blanca wants an AR15 fo...

Project: Building A Budget Bolt Gun – Magpul Hunter 700 SA Stock (Stage 1)

by John Chillinoon 02/07/2017
Meet Mike. When Mike’s not enjoying long walks on his coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii, he’s supplying auto mechanic shops across the nation with OEM parts. In his spare time, he photographs cars for a JDM manufacturer. Occasionally, Mike will join us ...