Project: AK47 (pt 3)

by Mike Kojimaon 01/09/2017
If you have been following our series on making an AK47 a good gun for a person that hates the AK47 and have read part one and part 2,you have hopefully been eagerly awaiting our final chapter in the AK47 Saga – part 3! In our first two chap...

The “Core” Principles – KHo Fitness

by Kristine Hoon 01/06/2017
Did you know that back pain is the second most common neurological ailment? (right after headaches). So if you’ve ever complained about your back hurting, you’re not alone. The good news is that you can strengthen and stretch the muscles of your b...

DiY: DTF LEVLD Magazine Base Pad (Install) – Western Firearms Inc.

by Alex Lopezon 01/03/2017
The new LEVLD magazine base pads from DTF Industries will not only fit all gen Magpul PMAGs but in this video we will demonstrate how easy it is to install on Hexmag magazines as well. Specs:  Material: 7050 Aluminum 2-piece design Finish: Hard An...

Modifying the Fighting Remington 870 Shotgun (Part 2)

by Mike Kojimaon 12/23/2016
Poor Kerryann, her 5’8″ 120-pound frame was getting battered by our “Fighting” Remington 870 project. She suffered from a bruised and battered shoulder after about 50 rounds of 00 buck and slugs in part one of our series. L...

Tech: Manticore Arms Tavor Upgrades (DiY)

by Isaac Sandovalon 12/20/2016
Our IWI Tavor Project has been patiently waiting for some attention as other projects have taken priority. We are going to be installing the Manticore Arms Overwatch Rail system as well as their ARClight XTL forend. The Overwatch rail system is de...