Spotlight: Strike Industries Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

by John Chillinoon 03/26/2017
AR Lower Receiver Parts (Less Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector, Pistol Grip Assembly and Trigger Guard) This lower parts kit comes with the basic necessities to complete a lower receiver and is assembled for those who already have an aftermarket trig...

Spotlight: Indian Creek Design – 1911 Grip Adapter (AR15)

by Alex Lopezon 03/25/2017
The ICD AR-1911 Grip Adapter allows you to enjoy the grip angle and familiar feel of the venerable 1911 Gov’t Model pistol. Unlike other offerings available on the market, our grip adapter doesn’t require trimming of the left hand grip...

Path of the Brave: Left Hook – Cover & Counter (Elbow/Knee)

by Walter Michalowskion 03/23/2017
Kru Walter “Sleeper” Michalowski of Sityodtong LA discusses covering the left hook and countering with an elbow or knee.

DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock Grip Job (101)

by John Chillinoon 03/22/2017
Glocks are great but far from perfect which is why there is such a large aftermarket dedicated to improving the beloved pistol. Some of the biggest complaints about the Glock that I’ve heard as a gun salesmen are its factory sights, trigger ...

Noveske: Infidel (Clone) – The One That Got Away

by John Chillinoon 03/20/2017
I’ll never forget the day I laid eyes on my first Noveske nearly ten years ago. I was a sales clerk at Martin B. Retting, one of Californias’s oldest and largest gun shops, it’s damn near a landmark. The amount of history in that...

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