Project: AK47 (pt 3)

by Mike Kojimaon 01/17/2017
If you have been following our series on making an AK47 a good gun for a person that hates the AK47 and have read part one and part 2,you have hopefully been eagerly awaiting our final chapter in the AK47 Saga – part 3! In our first two chap...

M&P Shield: XS Big Dot Tritium Sights & Apex Tactical Ultimate Striker Block/ Spring (Install)

by John Chillinoon 01/17/2017
In our two previous Shield articles, we installed the Apex Tactical LCI into a CA compliant model and then reviewed the ProMag Industries 10rd Magazine. Next, we will be installing a set of XS “Big Dot” Tritium sights. While there is n...

Primary Arms PAC 2.5x

by Isaac Sandovalon 01/17/2017
We have been working on a Tavor Project for a while here at TRGRiQ and we were having a difficult time trying to decide which optic to run. The Tavor rifle is an ideal CQB weapon and we wanted to chose an optic that fit this role best. We kept goi...

TRGRnometry: TriggerTech AR15 (FRT) Trigger – Sin City Precision

by Joe Comforton 01/17/2017
My first impression of the TriggerTech adjustable trigger for the AR15 is a positive one. After some dry firing and recent range time, I must admit I like it. I did noticed a little bit of travel before hitting the sear (technically the super shor...

Modifying the Fighting Remington 870 Shotgun (Part 2)

by Mike Kojimaon 01/17/2017
Poor Kerryann, her 5’8″ 120-pound frame was getting battered by our “Fighting” Remington 870 project. She suffered from a bruised and battered shoulder after about 50 rounds of 00 buck and slugs in part one of our series. L...