Spotlight: Apex Tactical – M2.0 Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit

The Apex Tactical Specialties M&P M2.0 Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit is coming to a dealer near you. It works with all Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 handguns in all centerfire calibers and configurations. Apex recommends this for competition and recreational shooting.

What it does:

Forward Set Trigger: Reduces Trigger Pre-Travel and Over Travel. Increases reach length to trigger face for shooters with longer fingers. Allows shooter to position finger lower on trigger face for increased leverage and therefore take advantage of lower trigger pull weights for competition.

Patent Pending Sear Actuator: Shortens the stroke of the trigger pull by dropping the striker at a point farther forward than the factory component.

Ultimate Striker Block Kit: Improved radius on the Striker Block Face produces a smoother trigger pull and eliminates most false reset issues.

Forward Set Spring Kit: The full spring kit produces a 4lb to 5lb trigger pull.

Expected results:

Trigger pull weight between the 4lb and 6lb mark (Dependent on trigger return spring and sear spring installed)

Smooth uptake and reset

Reduces pre-travel

Reduces over-travel

Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values

Products included:  1 ea. (11 total pieces in the pkg)

  • Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger
  • 2-Dot Sear
  • Ultimate Striker Block Kit(Striker Block, Spring, and Talon Tactical Tool)
  • Forward Set Spring Kit(Silver Trigger Return Spring, Green Trigger Return Spring, Polymer Slave Pin, Purple Sear Spring, Silver Sear Spring, and Sear Actuator)

MSRP: $169.95


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