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Press Release: Magna Tactics – Magna Belt (Magnetic Latching EDC Belt)

by John Chillinoon 06/10/2017
Bellingham, WA, June 10th, 2017: Magna Tactics releases new magnetic latching EDC belt On June 6th, Magna Tactics launched their Kickstarter campaign for a unique new magnetic latching belt called the Magna Belt. This belt is an innovative and fas...

Press Release: KE Arms SLT-1 (Sear Link Technology) Trigger

by John Chillinoon 05/31/2017
KE Arms recently announced the release of the SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger. KE Arms has licensed the manufacturing and distribution rights for the patent pending Sear Link Technology trigger system from M&M Manufacturing. All components ...

Spotlight: Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) – Base Pad Kit for Standard Sized Glocks 9/40

by John Chillinoon 05/21/2017
We at TiQ have been fans of the TTI Mag Extensions since they hit the scene a few years ago. At the time of their release, they were a step up from what was available. We have been abusing them in competition and training classes ever since and th...

Trimming the Fat: JP CTR-02 Weight Reduction for Better Perfomance

by John Chillinoon 04/28/2017
I met my buddy BoostedM3 a few years back playing Xbox Call Of Duty Black Ops online. The two of us completely destroyed the other team in Capture the Flag on Jungle. It took all of five minutes to discover he was also a fellow gun guy. As it turn...

DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock Stippling (102)

by John Chillinoon 04/17/2017
Aaand we’re back. In our first installment of this series, DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock Grip Job (101), we learned how to remove the finger grooves, grind down the sides and back strap before double undercutting the trigger guar...