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DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock Stippling (102)

by John Chillinoon 04/17/2017
Aaand we’re back. In our first installment of this series, DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock Grip Job (101), we learned how to remove the finger grooves, grind down the sides and back strap before double undercutting the trigger guar...

Spotlight: Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) – Grand Master 3.25lb Connector Kit

by John Chillinoon 04/08/2017
TTI Grand Master 3.25lb Connector Kit Product Description: TTI Grand Master 3.25lb Connector Kit Any great shooter who knows their way around a Glock will tell you that the key to having the optimal set-up is a great connector kit and extra spring...

Survivor Systems, Inc: Option Zero – Shooting Impressions

by John Chillinoon 04/03/2017
By now, it should be no secret that states such as California and New York have completely violated their residents’ Second Amendment rights. First it was NY’s “Safe Act” of 2013 and most recently, California’s SB 880...

Spotlight: Strike Industries Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

by John Chillinoon 03/26/2017
AR Lower Receiver Parts (Less Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector, Pistol Grip Assembly and Trigger Guard) This lower parts kit comes with the basic necessities to complete a lower receiver and is assembled for those who already have an aftermarket trig...

DiY: Beginner’s Guide – Glock Grip Reduction (101)

by John Chillinoon 03/22/2017
Glocks are great but far from perfect which is why there is such a large aftermarket dedicated to improving the beloved pistol. Some of the biggest complaints about the Glock that I’ve heard as a gun salesmen are its factory sights, trigger ...