The Stealth Special – Sinistral Rifleman

Sinistral Rifleman has been shooting red dot equipped pistols since 2010. Before that, he had tried various frame mounts but had issues finding the dot when shooting and as well as fitting into traditional holsters. With the introduction of co-witness sights, finding the dot on a slide mounts became easier along with fitting into carry and duty holsters. It also became easier to hit small targets at longer distances, moving targets and from unconventional shooting positions.

He did encounter some issues with certain red dots flickering and/ or losing zero. Several attempts were made to correct the problem but to no avail. After talking with other competitors, SR chose the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro as a replacement as per their recommendation.

Sinistral Rifleman set out to build the most effective pistol package that fit within the official pistol box dimensions for competition. He decided on a Glock 19 frame for his foundation. With the addition of the KE Arms KE19 “Charlie” Slide, he was able to utilize a KKM Match Barrel w/ 4 Port Compensator. Also featured from KE were a Flat Carry Trigger and Carry Magwell. Dawson Precision’s .425″ Front Sight co-witnessed with the DeltaPoint Rear Iron Sight. A SureFire X300 was added for weight up front and framework was done by We Plead The Second to make this effective for tactical/ practical use capable of accurate and fast follow up shots in a compact package.

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