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Independence Training: Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (pt. 5) – Moving & Shooting

by Glen Stilsonon 03/01/2017
Body Armor Basics (Part 5) Shooting & Moving with Independence Training​. Like & Share to help spread the word! The final video in our body armor basics series showing a variation of how to practice moving and shooting with body armor. We ...

Spotlight: Redwire Gear Convertible Sling (CS) – Independent Training

by Glen Stilsonon 02/18/2017
The Convertible Sling, or CS, from Redwire Gear is hands down our favorite sling. Easy to convert from single point to two point, easy to adjust on the fly when you need a tighter or looser sling and quick to adjust if you put on body armor, chest...

AR500 Armor MFAK / IFAK – Independence Training

by Glen Stilsonon 12/30/2016
Originally published 6/3/16 Now that we are all getting out there to enjoy the seasonal weather and outdoor activities near and far from the beaten path, it is time to again to look at our single most important “take along” on any trip, the IFAK –...

Redwire Gear: MK82 SOB Med Pouch – Independence Training

by Glen Stilsonon 11/11/2016
We don’t hit the range or really go anywhere without medical supplies and the MK82 from RedWire Gear is our go-to kit for when we need to keep life saving gear close at hand. Our MK82 was designed to be worn in the small of the back, but wil...

Worlds Collide: Speed or Accuracy w/ Rob Leatham and Glen Stilson – Independence Training

by Glen Stilsonon 09/19/2016
It doesn’t matter what platform, caliber, model or brand you’re using – the same question is in the mind of many shooters: “What’s more important – speed OR accuracy?” Rob Leatham (Team Springfield) and Gl...