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Way Of The Gun (WOTG): Proctor Light Mount (PLM)

by Mike Nguyenon 05/15/2017
Defensive weapons have gone through quite a transformation over the past few years. AR15’s in particular, and accessories have become lighter, stronger and more versatile. With that being said, Frank Proctor and Way Of The Gun (WOTG) develop...

NRA AR Match (2.0)

by Mike Nguyenon 03/26/2017
It’s amazing how time flies. The last time that we attended the NRA America’s Rifle Match (ARM) was over a year ago and it was the inaugural event hosted by Forward Assist Training at Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azusa, CA. Since our last visit, ...

Spotlight: Silynx Clarus Pro

by Mike Nguyenon 02/19/2017
The CLARUS PRO is a unique noise cancelling, hearing protection headset system designed to meet the needs of today’s active headset user! Silynx leveraged its combat proven technologies to defy the convention that electronic hearing protection mus...

Sound Off: A Hearing Protection Comparison

by Mike Nguyenon 01/24/2017
As far as we know, hearing loss is not yet reversible or repairable. Unfortunately, most people do not realize how important hearing protection is until it is too late. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular sets of ear protecti...