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DiY: DTF LEVLD Magazine Base Pad (Install) – Western Firearms Inc.

by Alex Lopezon 01/03/2017
The new LEVLD magazine base pads from DTF Industries will not only fit all gen Magpul PMAGs but in this video we will demonstrate how easy it is to install on Hexmag magazines as well. Specs:  Material: 7050 Aluminum 2-piece design Finish: Hard An...

Keeping This M&P – Western Firearms Inc.

by Alex Lopezon 11/28/2016
Back when I first got into firearms, I purchased a HK USP 40sw with a factory stainless slide as per my uncle’s advice. After years went by and guns started falling off the DOJ roster (the BS list of approved handguns for sale in Commiefornia), th...

S&W Shield: ProMag 10rd Magazine – Western Firearms Inc

by Alex Lopezon 05/27/2016
Probably one of the most popular sub compact 9mm’s on the market, the S&W Shield has proven itself to be a reliable workhorse for concealed carry and for some, even home defense. The only downside is its anemic 7+1 or 8+1 capacity. Enter...

Beretta 92/96 (pt 3) : Wilson Combat Fluted Guide Rod & Wolff’s Reduced Power Hammer Spring – Western Firearms Inc.

by Alex Lopezon 02/22/2016
Welcome to the final installment of our Wilson Combat / Beretta 92/96 series. In our previous articles, we covered how to install the SRT (Short Reach Trigger) and Extended Magazine Release. Now we will demonstrate the simplicity of replacing Bere...

Beretta 92/96 (pt 2): Wilson Combat Extended Mag Catch – Western Firearms Inc.

by Alex Lopezon 12/14/2015
Last installment we covered Wilson Combat’s SRT, or Short Reach Trigger. In this installment, we are going to replace the Beretta’s magazine catch with the Wilson Combat extended version. This modification should make quick reloads easier for you ...