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Spotlight: PistolGear “Operator” for Springfield XD 9/40

by Jay Canteron 01/07/2017
The PistolGear “Operator” is the first magwell available for the XD 9/40 that is not proprietary. What does this mean? It means that you can use your stock magazines or inexpensive extensions (e.g. AGP Arms, Arredondo) and not break th...

Shockwave in the Desert III – The P3W Awakens

by Jay Canteron 11/02/2016
Having only moved to Arizona one week before Shockwave in the Desert, there was really no better way to enjoy the 2nd Amendment freedoms that you cannot experience back in my homeland of “Communist California.” Seeing posts daily on so...

Teaser: KE Arms DMR Trigger (BLK)

by Jay Canteron 09/11/2016
We are fans, not gonna lie… Description: – 4.5 LBS adjustable reset – Minimal takeup, overtravel and reset – Precision EDM wired from A2 tool steel – Melonite coated (Ferritic Nitrocarb) – Simple drop-in install...

Teaser: MultiTasker Series 3

by Jay Canteron 07/17/2016
“Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.” If you’re an avid shooter then chances are, you have some kind of multitool in your range bag. Nothing’s says noob more than asking the guy next to you to borrow his...