Q&A: FNG Precision Coatings

by John Chillinoon 07/03/2017
TiQ: Tell us about FNG Precision Coatings and what it is you do? FNG: FNG Precision Coatings is a veteran owned and operated metal finishing company located about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles in Camarillo, California. We specialize in bringing ...


by Isaac Sandovalon 01/02/2017
TiQ: Who is DMR LLC and what do you do? DMR LLC: DMR stands for Dane Miller Rifles. I am the principal and namesake of the company. We build custom long range hunting and competition rifles. TiQ: What is the history of the company and what are you...

Q&A: Mike Branson of Primary Arms

by Isaac Sandovalon 10/26/2016
We had an opportunity to chat with Mike Branson from the marketing team of Primary Arms for a little Q&A session. We are fans of the things this company is doing and we expect to see them bring more game changing products to the market. They a...