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Hello and Welcome!

Photo: MotoIQ


Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome.

My name is Mike Kojima, you probably know me as the editor of MotoIQ, our automotive webzine. We started TRGRiQ mostly because we noticed that probably something like 80% of the people we know that are into cars, are also into firearms – as builders, competitors, hunters or maybe just recreational shooters. It must be something about high performance precision machines that attract the same sort of person.

We also felt that there was a void in the firearms media. No one was catering to enthusiasts who like to tinker, experiment and customize their firearms to make them better suited for their end use be it defense, competition or hunting. We did try to do a few firearms stories in MotoIQ and although they were well received by 99% of our readers, a small but vocal minority opposed them. Fair enough, MotoIQ is a car magazine.

The favorable response in MotoIQ was the spark that ignited the brainstorming and ideas that lead us here, to the formation of TRGRiQ. If you like firearms and the DIY/ Tech of MotoIQ, then this is your place.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Motorsport Engineer at GFOS Concepts Inc. Publisher at TRGRiQ. Engineer for Team Dai 9. Editor in Chief at MotoIQ. President of GFOS Concepts Inc. Former Motorsport Engineer at Falken Tire. Former Quality Engineer at Nissan Motor Corp. Former Engineer at Toyota Racing Development.

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