Gun Geek: SHOT Show 2016 (pt 1)
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It was pretty easy to tell which products TiQ boss loved the most at the show because we literally had to pry this Christensen Arms CA-15 VTAC rifle out of his hands after this picture. The mad scientist at Christensen Arms have done all the right things with this rile with flawless integration of composites into the build. The carbon fiber wrapped barrel was both beautiful and functional with the ability to deliver sub-moa accuracy. Christensen Arms also used their composite fabrication wizardry to whip up a really solid and lightweight handguard assembly that mounted perfectly to their beefed up upper receiver. This rifle was just over 5lbs in this configuration.

The guys over at LWRC have developed their own bolt carrier and it looks to be a nice improvement over the traditional staked gas key design. It is almost a single piece design that does away with the vulnerable gas key hardware and replaced it with a very robust threaded gas key inserted into the the bolt carrier and held in place with a roll pin.

As a send off, here we have a series of HK rifles that one can only dream of owning in California.

SHOT Show was a great experience and we are already looking forward to next year. Glad I bought comfortable shoes because we did an insane amount of walking. It’s a lot to take in over the course of a few days. Saw a lot of cool new toys we are not allowed to own in the communist state from which I live. The SHOT Show is scheduled to be at the same location through 2020 which makes it an easy commute for us Southern California folk.

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