Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (pt. 3) – Independence Training

Glen from Independence Training returns with John of RedWire Gear for Part III of our Body Armor Basics series with AR500 Armor®. We discuss applications of body armor in your life, regardless of profession; and how to setup your body armor and plate carrier to work in conjunction with your first line gear.

Glen & John demonstrate donning body armor to show the benefits of different setups. Choosing the right setup for your situation (e.g. Home Defense, Active Shooter Trunk Kit) which will best set you up for success.

About Independence Training:

We are based out of Prescott Valley, Arizona, and have training and range locations all over the southwest. We are available to teach your family, social group, civic organization, or operational team wherever you might need quality emergency response training.

About AR500 Armor®:

AR500 Armor® launched its own line of ballistic and body armor solutions in 2012. We entered the industry with the mindset of manufacturing top quality, reliable products that offered our customers high value solutions. Our products are intended for responsible law-abiding American citizens, our law-enforcement personnel, and our military personnel; we currently sell to legal residents of the United States.

With our unique in-house manufacturing processes and ability to acquire material made to our specifications, we’ve set the standard for ballistic steel core body armor. Utilizing industry leading spall and fragmentation mitigation coatings we’ve further increased what’s possible with ballistic steel. Our products are available through our website and authorized dealers throughout the United States. AR500 Armor® is a privately held business; Our Headquarters, team members, and manufacturing facility are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

About RedWire Gear:

We are a Veteran-owned business that manufactures field-proven nylon gear and does research and development for other gear companies. Our goal is to provide high quality, high value equipment to the recreational shooter, law enforcement officer, military service member, and outdoor enthusiast.

We provide equipment designed and manufactured by RedWire, LLC as well as proven, field tested equipment from other companies.

Our owner has served in the military his entire adult life. He currently serves in the Arizona National Guard as an EOD Technician.  He is also an adjunct instructor at Independence Training.

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