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By now the entire country is familiar with California’s “Gunmageddon” – a set of unconstitutional gun control bills so outrageous the very act of signing them into law felt like an act of war. Rules and regulations were disregarded with such urgency that we were all sure the tasteless timing of it’s delivery was some sort of twisted inside joke. Challenging our freedom on the very weekend we were meant to celebrate it was a backhanded bitch slap heard across the nation. Everyone was left asking the only question there was to ask, “Are you just going to stand there and let them punk you California?”

Hell no! We will not comply. Although unsaid, it was understood that we the people, as law abiding citizens, would first go through all the proper channels to overturn them. This is, despite the fact that its very existence was made possible by a complete and utter disregard for procedure. And so, while Sacramento was busy congratulating itself, Californians were organizing.

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Enter VETOGUNMAGEDDON.ORG, a TRUE grassroots effort with an overwhelming number of volunteers statewide. With outsiders bickering about the cost of complacency, insiders were showing off how well they work under pressure. What started out as a long shot even I couldn’t get on board with, is now winning hearts and minds up and down the coast. Although we fell short of the 365k signatures needed to get the referendum on the November ballot, volunteers are staying the course and hope to meet that goal by September 29th to ensure that it qualifies for the subsequent ballot. If that should happen, it’s my understanding the laws in question will be suspended until we the people have our say.

Out of state readers should do everything they can to support our efforts to overturn these unconstitutional gun control bills. If the gun grabbers are successful here, it will generate momentum in legislatures across the nation to pass similar laws.


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With all of that said, who would I be if I didn’t encourage you to GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING?!?

SIGN THE PETITIONS – If you already signed them then please consider taking your mother, sister, brother his girlfriend and her boyfriend down to your local gun shop or range and GET IT IN. Search over 550 locations statewide here:

SPEND SOME TIME-  If your family hates you and isn’t willing to fight with you,  please consider volunteering here:

SPARE SOME CHANGE- Lastly if you’re reading this from out of state, don’t rush off just yet. The donation basket awaits, please be kind and contribute here:

For a list of the bill opposition, please visit:

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