Bug Out: Grey Man vs Tactical Loadout
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Her 10/22 is also equipped with a Surefire G2X Pro flashlight that can blind or conserve batteries with its variable 320 to 15 lumen output. The stock barrel was maintained because it’s looser chamber is not as sensitive to ammo quality as match barrels. In a survival situation, reliability is most important.

.22lr semi auto weapons tend to jam, even the best ones like the reliable Ruger 10/22. If TiQ Girl’s 10/22 does, she can quickly transition to her lightweight and compact Ruger SR22 pistol. Her SR22 is equipped with a Ruger laser sight. Laser sights as used on both her rifle and pistol. Useful for intimidation which can help avoid a fight as well as to help accuracy, especially when being forced to shoot from unconventional positions.

In addition to her Ruger 10/22 Takedown and SR22 pistol, armor and related gear, her pack holds a 2 liter CamelBak water bag, 5 loaded Ruger BX-25 round magazines (these examples shown here are permanently modified for California legal 10 round capacity) and 2 10 round magazines for her SR22 in addition to the one in the pistol and one in the holster pouch. The pack also contains 400 rounds of CCI MiniMag and 100 rounds of CCI Velocitor ammo for up to 640 rounds total. A large heavy duty plastic trash bag holds a Hoodie, North Face Jacket, socks and underwear. The Condor Outdoors Medic Bag contains a LifeStraw and water pouches, 5 day’s worth of concentrated food, survival fire starter, emergency tent, heat reflective blanket, paracord, compass, emergency whistle, water purification tablets, toilet paper, no rinse bathing wipes, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, and an edible plants guide. TiQ Girl could survive for quite a few days in many different types of weather, produce potable water, hunt, navigate and defend herself with this gear.

The full tactical gear loadout is probably the best for a fixed position where you may have to hunker down and defend your castle. Surrender is not an option and losing the shelter will be more dangerous than fighting it out. Survival depends on it so you better bring it. This level of gear is best suited for direst situations such as any major riot or major natural disaster. After Hurricane Katrina mobs of armed street gangs went on rampages to control food, water and other resources. There were reports of rapes, beatings and killings done by these mobs. A scenario like this is likely to happen if a huge hurricane hits a highly populated coastal city like it did in New Orleans or if California’s long predicted big earthquake becomes a reality. The main drawback of going full tactical is that it can be slower due to a higher weight, especially if you are small in stature or in poor shape and can bring unwarranted attention to oneself, if noticed, which could sometimes be a tactical disadvantage especially if alone.

TiQ Girl’s loadout consists of a TYR Tactical BPC plate carrier with their triple magazine pouch and shotgun breaching round pouch. She uses Ares Armor Class III hard plates in conjunction with Rhino Class IIIA soft inserts backers which when used together can stop up to 7.62x51mm rounds. Her plate carrier weighs 9.5 lbs with full armor. She also has the flexibility to just run the plates or the soft inserts for a lighter but less protective setup. With a 3 lb penalty, she can also go full coverage with Class III side plates. Weight is important when you only weigh 120 lbs. Her plate carrier has holders for her Spyderco Delica folding knife, two Glock Magazines and a Surefire G2X Pro flashlight. She wears a Bianchi 7202 Gun Belt with a Blackhawk Carbon SERPA holster for her Glock 34, two Blackhawk Mag Pouches and a Condor Outdoor Products Mag Recovery Pouch. Her rifle is a lightweight 5.56mm AR-15. The upper is a BCM with 14.5” midlength fluted lightweight barrel under their 13” KMR Handguard and a Mod 1 Compensator permanently attached for an overall length of 16.25.” The lower receiver is a forged mil-spec receiver with a Geissele SSA-E TriggerBattle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selector and Magpul B.A.D. Lever. For good reliability a nickel boron coated Fail Zero bolt carrier group is used with Young Mfg hard chrome bolt, the extractor and ejector springs replaced with Sprinco parts all charged by a Radian Weapons Raptor Charging Handle. A Spikes Tactical ST-T2 Buffer is paired with a Sprinco main spring. The PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube attaches to Magpul Furniture. A Streamlight TLR-2 69230 Weapon Light with Strobe and Laser is used as well. The rifle is topped off with a Leupold Mark 4 HAMR with DeltaPoint Pro and Magpul Pro BUIS. The complete rifle weighs only 7.2 lbs with everything, good for a small teenage girl.

TiQ Girl transitions to her long slide Glock 34 9mm pistol. Her G34 is equipped with an EFK Fire Dragon barrel. It also features a Pyramid trigger, extended slide stop and mag release, stainless recoil spring guide, magwell funnel and beavertail all from GlockStore. The pistol also sports an ATEi modified nickel boron plated slide with Trijicon HD Sights and a Hogue Rubber Sleeve. She carries 3 plus one magazines for her AR and 4 plus one magazines for the Glock. She wears heat resistant Security Pro hard knuckle nomex gloves with the trigger fingers cut off and Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame glasses. If more rifle ammo is needed, her magazine carrier can be switched out for a double stack carrier that can hold six mags. TiQ Girl would be a well armed teenager in the event of mass civil unrest and lawlessness. Bad guys better think twice before messing with her.

So the jury is out if it is better to be grey or tactical. Either way, be prepared for the worst imaginable emergency in your locale and use common sense when deciding what gear is appropriate for the situation. Think carefully before you act and flow with the path of least resistance. Do this and with the right gear and training you will most certainly survive, even in the worst of situations.

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