What a Well Dressed Girl Wears to the Zombie Apocalypse (pt. 1)
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A zombie is an undead being created through the reanimation of a corpse. No matter the original cause, they are nasty, unthinking flesh eating machines that feel no pain. Whether traveling solo or in a pack, they’re dangerous and terrifying. Despite a minimal level of brain function and cognition, the only thing that will stop them is blunt force trauma to the brain.

The infection is spread from a bite, a scratch, ingestion of bodily fluid such as blood or saliva. As the newly infected begin to transform, they are fast and full of adrenaline like if they’re high on “bath salts.” But, as their bodies begin to decay, they’ll start to slow down and trundle around without much coordination.

Fortunately for us, this (slow zombies) means daily life can go on. Running errands around town like grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning may still be possible. It might even be fun to go do a little shopping at the mall because they will probably have inventory since zombies don’t care about the latest fashion.

Speaking of fashion, we asked a couple members of the TiQ “Test Team” what sort of outfit they might put together for an afternoon out in a dystopian world and this is what we got…

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